Nan’s Tomato Flip

In a jar, it just looks “normal,” but this might be the **most special** thing I make.

Meet Nan’s Tomato Flip. The name isn’t one I necessarily gave it, but rather one honoring the woman who gave the recipe to me – my husband’s late maternal grandmother. It would be considered an heirloom recipe.

I had the chance to make a double batch of this in FL, with some of the the state’s already ripe delicious farmer’s market tomatoes! If you’ve had this, you know it’s converted non-tomato lovers, you know it’s stunning with any type of cheese and crackers, and adds depth and layers of flavor to any sandwich. If you’ve had this, you know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get more because it’s **that** special.

Think of a loose set tomato jam spiced with warm, sweet spices. Trust me, people tell me repeatedly they can’t get past just eating it out of the jar with a spoon.

An 8oz jar is perhaps the best $7 you will ever spend. In a world of social distancing, I’ll drop this off in your mailbox if you’re local, or I can mail you some. I have a dozen jars currently and won’t be able to make more until tomatoes come ripe in NH later this summer… So treat yourself and stock up!!