Meet the Queen Bee

I grew up in a home where food was often made for convenience more than for the actual enjoyment of eating – things came from a can, were frozen, or were baked from a box. I certainly didn’t have a horrible childhood or ever come close to being hungry, but as I grew up, I found myself wanting to savor food and enjoy the experience of eating. Teaching myself to cook and bake in my early 20s, baking became my clear passion. I’m a self-taught baker who’s always learning and experimenting, and one who loves to travel the world gathering recipes and ideas to bring home to my kitchen that inspire the baked goods I make.

I still marvel when I walk into a good bakery at the sights, smells, and the tastes. Queen Bee’s Kitchen comes from a long-time passion to start a bakery; but for now, I am a fully licensed homestead kitchen through the DHHS in New Hampshire – this means my home kitchen is licensed through the state of NH and I bake to order. I am not a storefront…yet. My baking philosophy for Queen Bee’s Kitchen is simple: high quality, as local as possible, seasonal, and fresh ingredients – in the summer and fall, produce is often handpicked from our property. Everything is crafted with attention to detail and with a deep passion for baking as a means to share happiness. Sometimes show-stopping, often seemingly simple recipes made as outlined above always result in sublime baked goods.

All goods are baked to order and are made in small batches. Please give a **minimum** of 48 hours for orders to be processed. Free delivery with 15 miles of 03222. Delivery fees apply outside this area. Some goods can be shipped, but I do not use any preservatives, so this will depend on item and season, and overnight or Priority Mail (max 3 days) shipping rates apply.

How do I like my eggs? In my baked goods. Duh.

The Queen Bee

How do I like my eggs? In my baked goods. Duh.